Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

The changing seasons are tough on our skin, everyone is always focused on moisturizing during the cold winter months. Often we forget that the cool crisp springs can be just as rough. In addition to being a great moisturizer, this coconut oil sugar scrub is a great way to pamper yourself. Coconut oil has great healing powers and is not only great for your skin but can be used as a hair mask, or even in cooking as substitute for other oils or even butter. This post contains affiliate links.

Pick your own essential oils flavors and sense that you like. Personally I enjoy orange, peppermint, lavender or vanilla for my scrubs. Get creative and mix scents to get new “flavors”. I will say, when using products for your body, I would suggest going organic as much as possible. It is not worth drying out your skin with harsh chemicals especially when you are trying to moisturize.


Melt coconut oil down by heated it in a double boiler and constantly stirring. Coconut oil doesn’t take much to melt, so be careful not to over heat. Mix sugar and melted coconut oil together. Add your preferred essential oils. You can add more coconut oil or sugar to make it thicker or thinner depending on your preference. Add a few spoonful’s to a decorative jar with a tight fitting lid.

Make sure to add a label with the flavor of sugar scrub. I love using the chalkboard labels found here on Amazon.

This is a great simple do it yourself gift you can give, for mothers days, birthdays or if you are already planning for the holidays. If you are giving these as a gift think about including a small spoon. The mixture will last longer if the oils from your skin don’t mix with the sugar scrub in the jar.

I hope you enjoy, please let me know if you try this out and share your other DIY beauty or papering recipes.


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