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It is spring you know what that means, okay, it should mean that I am getting right on that spring cleaning list but nope. It is DIY season. The time of year when I clean out the garage of all the projects that I have stored up during the winter. In Minnesota you only get a few months where you can work on projects outside. And since I love up-cycling furniture and don’t have a studio, I wait for the warm season to start!

I have two projects that I am super excited to get started this DIY season.

The first is a small old desk that the husband had in the garage at his old house. It has taken a light beating and been neglected, but there is just something I love about it. I am not sure how old this piece is, but based on those fantastic knobs it looks like maybe 1950-60’s. Yellow desk before transformationBefore amazing transformation!!Sanding is my least favorite part of any project, and this one has been a doozie. The yellow paint, seems to just get more yellow the more I sand it. The pictures don’t do it justice, this piece is Big Bird Yellow. Give me another two weeks of these beautiful days and I will have this one complete!

The second project of this DIY season, is this fabulous chair. I have been looking for a desk chair to work with my office. The office that has not been completed, and right now is just a pile of junk in the middle of a room. Yep that is the one. It’s is big project and I am indecisive. More on that later. In the meantime I found this chair at Good Will, on a day when all their furniture was 50%! Good Will Find-Blue chairI scored this baby for $8. After a trip to the fabric store I will be reupholstering this chair. Right now I am thinking it needs a pop of color, maybe teal? Or yellow? I have never upholstered a chair like this, so I will need to do some research before I get this tackled.

The husband just rolls his eyes when I start these projects. He is without merit less comfortable with my go with the flow projects. Until he sees the after, then he is impressed! I would love some inspiration ideas from you, what projects have you done recently, and what should I work on after these projects are done?

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