Healthy Comfort Food

Once or twice a year I get a craving for my mom’s homemade pasta sauce. It’s usually in the fall, when the nights start getting crisp and I crave comfort food from my childhood. The other night I decided to make a big batch in preparation of the busy fall that is upon us. Only 44 days until the husband and I get married, and nights have started to get busy between appointments and softball, kickball and finalizing wedding details. We were slipping terrifyingly into take-out land.

It got me thinking about all the other quick meals that I could or should be making to make things easier for my husband and I, and me to keep up with our busy lives and minimize our takeout.

You can find my not your mom’s spaghetti sauce here, which is my version of my mom’s famous spaghetti sauce that I never seem to make correctly. I love this sauce and any homemade meals because I know what is in the food, and if I make it that means I can pronounce all the ingredients.

Look for more of my premade, freezer ready meals that I am using to save time and my sanity. And if you have any ideas, leave them below or email me at:


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