Hello Strangers

I know I know, I have broken the cardinal rule of blogging… left my 11 readers hanging as I went MIA for the last two months. Well I have had a good excuse. Mike and I bought a house and we move in in less than two weeks. I also had to flip my townhouse (my previous renters lease was up)… AND we needed to do some significant updates on our current house before we put it on the market. The trifecta of house drama collapsed upon us and the stress was overwhelming. There were more than a few sleepless nights on my part as I mentally calculated the worst case scenario of three mortgage payments, on top of a wedding.  I still get nauseous thinking about it.

Well I am not entirely sure how we pulled it off but we flipped the townhouse in a matter of two weeks, with lots of heavy lifting from family and friends and we have successfully put our house on the market, with multiple showings within a few hours. Things are seeming to look up and I can finally relax, at least a little while I wait to see if and when we will get an offer. Look for more posts of the amazing transformation- Before and after pictures coming soon!

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