Movie Etiquette- Stop Texting During the Film

This blog is not, nor was it ever meant to be an outlet for my opinion’s or complaints. However, if you will be so kind and allow me to vent for a minute.

I have been dying to see the new Beauty and the Beast film which came out a few weeks ago. I have mentioned it the husband on few occasions, but we could never get tickets or we were busy. Not a big deal, I assumed I would just wait for it on Redbox. Imagine my surprise when my husband planned a surprise night out for us under the guise of having dinner with his parents. It was sweet and thoughtful and I appreciated it so much. We haven’t been out to a movie in months!

Now, as the movie starts, imagine my frustration and his, as the two individuals next to us start texting and talking loudly to each other. Assuming they were just finishing up their conversation from earlier I gave them the WTF stare in the pitch black theater. I am from Minnesota, we learn passive aggressive behaviors from an early age.

The phones went dark, and their conversations went silent, and I snuggled up to my husband for the movie. A few minutes later the phone was back out turned on and the texting continued. This time I turned up the heat and did an extended stare and did one of those huffs under my breath.  They didn’t get the hint but put their phones away a few minutes later. The texting and talking continued, no more than 15 minutes later, and I learned that the younger of the two, had a paper due at midnight that he hadn’t started. Ugh.

I kept passively aggressively staring at the couple in the dark hoping that they would get the hint, muttering “seriously” under my breath. After the fourth or fifth time, finally I had enough, and lightly tapped the gentleman on the shoulder during one of his louder conversations and asked him to “please be quite, we are watching a movie.” He apologized like he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong.Texting

Now before everyone jumps to the conclusion of rude Millennials.  Which I am all too happy to place blame on many etiquette faux pas. The gentleman sitting next to me couldn’t have been more than 20, the woman next to him, easily in her fifties. And she was the biggest culprit.

It wasn’t five minutes after I tapped on his shoulder, they started talking again, and pulling out both of their phones. As I worked up the restraint from reaching across the arm rests to pull the phones out of their hands, they got up and walked out. An hour into the film. An hour into a film that they had to pre-purchase tickets to, and has been sold out for days.

Can we agree that texting during a movie is one of the rudest things someone can do, in a theater. There is a commercial in multiple languages and in closed caption telling you to turn your phones off and not text during a movie. They throw it in your face before every movie and yet these fools, decided it didn’t apply to them. I don’t know why this time it bugged me so much, but I nearly lost it. Maybe it is because the husband took me out for a sweet surprise and went out of his way to make time for us, and these two ruined the first half of it.

Most people get it, this vent isn’t for most of you, but the few that think the rules don’t apply, you are ruining the movie. Can we all just agree to follow the norms of movie etiquette. Stop ruining movies for the rest of us and for the goodness of my sanity and yours –  detach from your phones for a few hours. It will be good for you.


  1. Ugh! Phones have surely gotten in the way of life! I am with you lady! Put the phone away and watch the movie! Well I hope you and your husband enjoyed yourselves despite the rudeness of others!

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