Moving Without the Headache- Packing

In the last three years I have moved four times (and yes it was exhausting) and I can’t say that I knew much about moving the first time but I got better at it, over time. I put together some tips or things to remember as you start your packing adventure. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

  1. Label with contents and room: It sounds simple, but often times if you just label with the contents and not which room you want it to go in you end up with movers, moving boxes into rooms based on their discretion. And regardless of what is in the boxes… a box labeled sheets… doesn’t tell anyone or even you if that box should be unpacked in bedrooms or in the linen closet.  Consider having a room dedicated for unpacking or short term storage. I used a purple bedroom in our new house, for the things that I didn’t want to trip over during the move. Blankets,  picture frames, sweatshirts, they all went into this temporary storage room.
  2. Place the label in the same location: If you are writing on the boxes, write things in the same spot (NOT ON TOP). If you label all boxes on the upper right hand corner, you always know where to look. Seeing a wall of boxes all clearly labeled makes it easy to see what is in each box. This also helped with reusing boxes- if you have multiple moves going on, you can easily reuse your boxes by writing on a different side or in a different location.
  3. Pack and forget it: Once you have your boxes packed move them to a room, or against a wall. Keep your boxes all together to make it easier to move. If everything is labeled in the same location you will soon see a wall of neatly organized boxes in one section of your house/ room. This allows you to keep living in your house without tripping over boxes and being frustrated with the chaos.
  4. Pack and De-clutter Early: It is never too soon to start packing when preparing for a move. My fiancé thought I was crazy to pack up our DVDs and CDs 5 months before the move. We hadn’t watched a DVD in a year and would not miss them. Think about it, could you get by with just one casserole pan, and pack up the other 5.
  5. Pack an ‘open first box’: It is the box that goes in the front seat of the car on the day of your move and the first box you open when you move. Start packing this box early, and leave it open so that you can add a few things to the box as you pack. Make sure to add a pair or two scissor, paper towels, cleaning products, a change of clothes, and even some quick snacks for the day. The goal of this box is have everything you might need for that first day at your fingertips. This will avoid opening ten boxes looking for last minute things.

Things to consider including in your Open First Box:

  • Scissors
  • Paper Towels
  • Cleaning products
  • A change of clothes
  • Snack foods/ soda
  • Paper plates and plastic utensils
  • Garbage Bags
  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries


Good Luck with Packing & Moving.

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