5 Simple Smoothies to Jump Start your Morning

My morning ritual is a smoothie on my way to work and if I am really lucky the husband makes it while I am getting ready. When he makes it, it somehow tastes even better, just like with my coffee. Making each others morning smoothie is a great way to show your spouse you appreciate them, check out other ideas to show appreciation for others in National Spouses Day.

Below are a few recipes for bright and colorful smoothie; one color for each day of the week. You can substitute any of the fruits based on personal preferences. Substitutions may loose the integrity of your bright orange or yellow smoothies nevertheless your smoothies will still taste amazing. If you like thicker smoothies feel free to use more fruit, more liquid smoothies, add more frozen fruits and vegetables to the mix

Red Orange Yellow Green Purple
½ c. almond milk

½ c. Greek yogurt

½ c. watermelon

½ c. frozen raspberries/ strawberries

½ c. Orange Juice

½ c. Greek yogurt

1 carrot, peeled

1 c. frozen orange/ peach

½ c. pineapple juice

½ c. Green yogurt

½ c. frozen pineapple/ mango

1 banana

½ c. Orange Juice

½ c. Greek yogurt

2 kiwis

1 avocado

Handful of spinach

½ c. pomegranate or cranberry juice

½ c. Greek yogurt

1 c. frozen berries (strawberries, blue berries, raspberries)

 Want even more time saving tips for making delicious smoothies, check out Breakfast Smoothies Tips and Recipes.

Tip: Use frozen fruits as much as possible, this will reduce the need for ice and prevent watered out smoothies.

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