Step by Step DIY Coasters

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This DIY project comes from my mom. She always has a craft project in the works and I love when she tags me in to help. DIY Forth of July CoastersI was up at the family cabin this weekend and saw these awesome coasters that she made for practically nothing!! How cute are these! She always has timely seasonal decorations, something I have still not mastered. Honest moment… I may still have some Christmas lights up in my house.

 What you need to get started:

Coaster Base: You can buy coasters at a craft store but you will pay $5-$10 for a set of 4.  You are not making coasters for the Queen of England (although I would like to think she would love a set). For a cheaper options you can use miscellaneous bathroom wall tiles. The 3×3 inch tiles are perfect. Tiles can be found for $.50- $1 at Home Depot or Menards, but for a really good deal, visit the Restore Store for a box for $5.

The place where my mom picked up her coaster bases, was Ax-Man Surplus Store. I know there a few of these stores in the Twin Cities, they are basically utility stores that have a hodge podge of stuff. This was a go to store during elementary school science fair projects.  And everything is really cheap. My mom found a box of these coasters for just $.10 each.  With a little sanding the logos came off and she had a blank canvas for her coaster decorating.

Decorative paper coverings: Dig through your holiday napkin stash, or wrapping paper or tissue paper.

Mod Podge, every crafters best friend, and can be found everywhere from Target to Michaels.

Cork or felt backing: when I made these I used the small felt circles meant to protect your floors from furniture scratches.

DIY Coaster materials


Step 1: Clean off your coaster base. Depending on what you are using this could be sanding a logo or smoothing out the surface, or just cleaning.

Step 2: Put that Mod Podge to good use with a thin layer directly on the coaster, covering anything that will have paper attached to it, top, sides and possibly bottom. I like to apply it with a small foam brush to make sure it is smooth and even.

Step 3: Place your napkin or paper over the coaster. Positioning the paper how you want your coaster to look.

Step 4: Trim excess paper from around the edges. If you want clean edges you can fold paper over the edges and bleed onto the bottom of the coaster. If you decide to do that, make sure that you have Modge Podge on the coaster edges and bottom where the paper and coaster meet.

Step 5: Cover your coaster with Mod Podge, this time lather it on, but go slowly. Depending on what kind of paper you used it could rip. Carefully smooth out the Mod Podge and let dry.

Step 6: Let the coasters dry, add additional layers of Mod Podge if you want a thicker clear coat. After letting dry over night spray with a clear coat to help prolong the life of your coasters. Mom’s recommendation is Rust-Oleum matte clear coat!

Step 7: Attach felt pieces to bottom of coaster to prevent scratching your furniture.

Completed 4th of July coasters

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