Beautiful Sunsets on Vacation

Sunset at Whitsunday Island

On vacation I was watching the sunset with the husband amazed in the beauty of the sun slipping below the horizon. I realized that on vacation, sunsets are events, things that I look forward to and set time aside for. I always make time to watch the sunset. Setting aside a few minutes, as the sun starts to dip, to focus on the beauty of Mother Nature. However, I rarely do this when I am at home. I never set aside time to take in a sunset, and I live in Minnesota our sunsets are gorgeous. We don’t have an ocean or anything, but 10,000+ lakes, ill take it!

Maybe it’s because life is relatively busy or because vacations focus you to relax and slow down and take stock of what really matters. After this vacation I’m going to make time for more sunsets, setting aside a few minutes to breathe and reflect on how amazingly beautiful our world is.


Sunset in Whitsunday Islands- Australia

Hawaiian Sunset, Hawaii

Lake House Sunset, Sandstone, MN USA

Sunset in Aruba

Sunset after an Island Rainstorm, Fiji

Sunset at Whitsunday Island



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