Ultimate Spring Cleaning List

Holy crap when did it get to be April, not to mention the end of April. My spring cleaning list is getting too long and the spring portion of cleaning is getting shorter by the minute. Click for a downloadable spring cleaning list. Which is a helpful reminder of everything that needs to be done. Many of these things should be done more than once per year, but let’s start with getting organized for spring and see where the summer takes us.

Also, this is just inside your house, we will save the outside clean up for another day.


Wash Carpets- If you have carpet in your bedrooms, spring is the perfect time to move the furniture and do a throughout vacuum and cleaning the carpets.

Windows- Clean these sucker inside and out, and take the screens off to vacuum. Instead of using store bought cleaners for windows, especially the tough ones. Mix half a cup of ammonium and warm water together. Don’t tell my mom but I use newspaper just like she used to when we were little. You don’t get those little fuzz balls- it is amazing!

Mattresses- Flip or rotate your mattress to get a more even wear. I also like to sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour, then vacuum. It will help keep your mattress smelling fresh.

Clean your closet- Just do it. Make three piles, keep, throw and donate, then go to town. Check out 4 tip to help declutter your home for tips on eliminating clothes from your closet.  Remember to itemize if you decide to donate, because donations can be tax deductible!



Garbage Disposal– this should be done about once a month, but I frequently forget about it. Toss a handful or two of ice cubes down the drain and add some with some rock salt in your garbage disposal, run the cold water and turn it on. This will break down any grime that is stuck in the crevices and prevent those smells from getting too pungent.  Once your disposal breaks up the ice, toss some lemon, lime or orange peels in to the disposal and turn it on. The citrus help give it a fresh sent.

Dishwasher- Yep your dishwasher should be cleaned a few times a year. Run an empty load with distilled vinegar to kill any mold or food build up. This should be done once a month if you are like me and don’t pre-clean your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

Clean the Fridge/Freezer- All of them, even the one in the basement. Take everything out, and scrub down the drawers and shelves. Use this time throw out old food (check the condiments!!)

Cabinets- Things you never use, now is a perfect time to bring them to goodwill or call a local charity to pick them up. Lots of companies will pick up at your door step. This is a great time to assess the Tupperware cabinet too.

Oven- I don’t know why I hate this one the most, maybe it is because we have three ovens in our kitchen. Don’t ask, the former owners apparently cooked a lot! It’s not too bad yet but I want to attempt to stay on top of it. This year I am going to try my hand at this cleaner. Apparently it’s expensive, but magic.



Washing Machine- Another one of those Seriously?! moments. If it can’t wash itself what the hell is it doing to my clothes? However, make sure to check any of the sealants for buildup. I learned the hard way in the house we sold last year, there was a buildup of slime in the front loading machine, where the detergent went.  Now I check constantly, and will be doing a thorough check of the washing machine this spring.

Dryer- vacuum the lint collector really good. If can take the front face plate off the dryer and you will find a buildup of lint that got out. Lint is super flammable and it is important to make sure that your dryer is void of any build up.

If you can muster it- (don’t hurt yourself) pull both machines out and do a quick sweep/wash behind them. You will be surprised what you can find back there. Maybe a rogue sock, I found a Christmas ornament. Don’t ask!


The Forgotten:

Ceiling Fans– Yep these get gross too, dust off each blade and the light portion to prevent dust from flying everywhere when in use. Our ceiling fans are in constant use in the summer then not at all in the fall and winter.

Baseboards and Crown molding– use a damp towel with a light cleaner (don’t want to ruin the finish). You want to get all the dust, dirt and hair off. If you are like me and have two fur babies that leave hair everywhere- try rubbing a dryer sheet over clean dry baseboards. It will prevent the dust and dirt build up and prevents hair from instantly clinging to your baseboards.

Vents- I always forget to do these when the vacuum is out. Take your vacuum cleaner to your vents at least once, if not twice a year! Dust settles in vents and once you kick the air conditioner on, out goes the dust. Do this before you need air conditioning, and in the fall before the furnace gets turned on! Once the vents are clean, use a damp cloth to pick up the extra dirt and make your vents looks sparking.


Now if you make it through that list, you deserve a glass of wine! What did I miss from my spring cleaning list? Any helpful tips for tackling a big cleaning or organizing job?





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