Welcome to Learning to Wear Heels

Welcome to Learning to Wear Heels, I am glad you are here!! I have done quite a bit of thinking about what things I want to pursue in 2017 and building my blog topped the list. I want to turn Learning to Wear Heels it into a small business rather than a hobby. This past month I have been building and designing learningtowearheels.com and transitioning content to this improved platform.  It’s a work in progress but, I am loving it, and so excited for everything 2017 has in store!

Learning to Wear Heels is a lifestyle blog with everything from DIY and home improvement projects to recipes and travel tips. It contains recipes and how to instructions for things I am passionate about. Want to learn how to pick the perfect paint color,  Re-finish an old fireplace, paint an ombré dresser or make a killer homemade spaghetti. It is all here.

Check out the new site, provide feedback and thoughts, by commenting on a post or by emailing me at learningtowearheels@gmail.com. Make sure to sign up to follow my blog, so you can get notified when new content is available.


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