Blog Learnings- What I have Learned about Blogging

I  have been hosting my blog for 8 months or so and I have learned a few things, or a lot of things. First of all I have humbly learned that blogging is not easy. I incorrectly assumed that my ideas and writing would come easy. That I would be able to put together a short blog in an afternoon, and three or four in a week was going to be no problem. It wasn’t, and 8 months in to this thing, it hasn’t gotten any easier.

Start slow and work up to it: I am usually very good at setting goals. So when I set a goal to write three blog posts per week, I was being a little ambitions- or a lot ambitious.  Between wedding planning, buying and selling houses, spending time with family and friends and my full time job I didn’t have any time. I felt like I was I was failing at my blog, so in August I hit reset and planned only one post per week. If I felt inspired I would write more, and for the time being.. Even when I had time or an idea for another blog, I waited and scheduled it, one per week. Slowing down and not feeling that much pressure made this way more enjoyable.

I felt like I could spend more time and pick projects and topics that I wanted. Saving some for later, knowing that my life will get crazy busy relieved some of the stress. Maybe next month I will work up to 6 or even 8 posts a month.

Stockpile ideas: When I started my blog, I had a few ideas of blog posts that I would write about. And then the well ran dry. One day I sat down with no ideas, knowing that I needed to meet my goal of 3 posts in a week and I had nothing. Writers block. Lesson learned, now I carry a small note book around with me and write any possible blog idea, or recipe I want to try. When I write the blog I cross it off the list. What I actually found though, is when I sit down and feel inspired to write. I open my book of ideas, and instead of checking something off the list I end up writing about something new.

Enjoy it: This blog isn’t making me any money or getting thousands a hits with every post. It is an outlet for me. It might evolve into something later. But right now I am working on enjoying it. I wanted to start writing again, and a blog, like I mentioned in my first post, seemed like less of an undertaking than starting a novel- which has always been on my bucket list.

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