April is National Card and Letter Writing Month

April is National card and letter writing month, something that I learned about last year and something that I am going to be committing to working on this year. Last year I shared how the tradition of sending random cards to my girlfriends started. You can read that here.

I miss the days of handwritten letters in the mail. Even today at 33 I still sort through the bills and the junk mail and get little butterflies in my stomach when I receive a handwritten letter. Here are a few other reasons to send a letter in April.

Because letters look so much prettier than emails. I usually save all my hand written notes in a box and re-visit them when I want to reminisce. When my husband and I started dating we used to send love letters to each other. I have every single one of them still and love to read them. Every time I open that box I get to relive our love story. My husband and I still send each other surprise letters.

Santa and the tooth fairy don’t have email. Remember when you were little, waking up in the morning and reading those letters from Santa Clause next to the half-eaten cookies. Or a note from the Tooth Fairy with a few quarters (I’m old, that’s all we got). Those were magical moments. Recreate those same magic moments with your friends even if you are in your thirties.

Personalized stationery is amazing. I can’t tell you how much stationery is at my house. Thank goodness the husband hasn’t found all my hiding places for it. But how great do you feel picking out new note cards, or writing on a fresh sheet of stationary.

There are few things more satisfying that buying new writing paper/notes. Stores like PaperSource were made for me. I can spend hours looking at each note card and picking out the perfect set for a note. Even Target and Amazon have great stationary to choose from. Let me tell you I was pretty excited when I got to pick out thank you notes for my bridal showers!

Looking for something super personal,  sites like Minted and Shutterfly now let you customize stationary for you. This is also a great gift for someone who has everything.

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