What a difference a year makes- 1st year of marriage

Let’s welcome November- wow, how did we get here, a year ago- November 4, 2016 I married the love of my life, and yes, still happily married. As i look back on the first year of marriage, what a year it has been. We went to Mexico after the wedding spent a week laying on the beach and relaxing. Then we welcomed two new nephews to the family. Liam and Samuel only three weeks apart. We survived our first Christmas and Thanksgiving as a married couple, splitting our time between families.

In February we took almost the entire month off and went a once in a lifetime honeymoon of a lifetime. We crossed more than a couple things off our bucket list, visiting Sydney, attending an Opera at the Sydney Opera house, sailing through the Whitsunday Islands, scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. AMAZING.

After, we spent a week after Australia, soaking up the rays in Fiji, trying to get re adjusted back to real life. It didn’t work.

We got back, decided we were ready to start thinking about starting a family. Something that my doctors told me, could take some time and to be patient. Neither my husband nor I are patient people, fast forward less than a week after we decided to pull the goalie, we got pregnant. What are the chances?! Pregnancy sent us on a totally different adventure. One to be honest we are more than capable to take on, but maybe not quite mentally prepared for.

Knock on wood, I have had a fairly uneventful pregnancy, no morning sickness, not overly emotional or sensitive, minimal back aches, some tiredness (okay lots of tiredness), and no stretch marks. Seriously what did I do to deserve this. I am now in my 34th week and I am still able to fit into my normal 3 inch heels (don’t even think about taking them away from me). I have gained 35 lbs and although things are a bit more difficult for me, overall, pregnancy is the new norm and it looks pretty good on me. If I do say so myself.

We spent the summer, avoiding the big decisions for the baby- like names or what to do about day care, figuring everything would work itself out. Instead we enjoyed a stress-free summer, hanging out on lake Minnetonka, hanging out with family at the cabin and catching up with friends. All the things we didn’t get to do last year because of moving or wedding planning.

Now that it is fall I think I am officially in the nesting phase. Weird things bug me and make me want to clean. The other day it was the cabinet in our bathroom that holds towels and extra toilet paper. Lord help me when this takes over, because there is a no shortage of things that need to be cleaned and organized in our home.

We finally tackled the basement, I have been begging my husband to get on board and paint the basement a dark blue… almost Navy Blue. After 8 months of putting me off, he finally agreed and just the other weekend the transformation got started. If only he knew what I had in store when he is on his next trip out of town.

The nursery has been painted, the crib assembled and all the baby stuff is starting to take over the house. What was my office/craft room… has now somehow become a dropping place for everything any anything? Christmas presents, picture frames that have yet to be hung on the wall. Everything seems to be collecting dust in my once organized space.

The only other side effect that I am dealing with is pregnancy brain is starting to creep in, but if you ever tell my husband I will deny it adamantly. I had two baby showers back to back a few weeks ago. I was so on top of things during my wedding. Thank you cards out within a day or two. Now, It is like pulling teeth to get my thank you cards out. Not to mention, I misplaced all the extra boxes of cards and stamps. Like vanished, or maybe they are under the clutter in my office. I used to be able to rattle off dates, events and on goings for months in advance… now I’m lucky if I can figure out what I have going on for the afternoon. It is seriously becoming a problem.

I am also insane and decided to host Thanksgiving this year. While I am trying to prep for baby, organize the house, finish thank you cards, and work.  I am coordinating my first ever Thanksgiving dinner, for my in laws. I don’t know about the average family get together, but we are hosting between 30-40.  Which in my naïve mind seems doable. I will keep you posted on how that all works out.

A lot of changes and reflecting after one year of marriage, it has been a great year. I usually measure good years, if the good moments, outnumber the bad. I don’t know if it is hindsight but I can’t think of too many bad things that came out of this year.

So that is my year in a quick wrap. Happy Anniversary to my dear love, who is still the sweetest man and always full of surprises. One year down, a lifetime to go. I cannot imagine what the next year has in store for us.

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