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Since we got rid of cable at the beginning of the year we have switched over to watching “regular” TV. Which limits my television options. However, with our Wi-Fi DVD player we are working on binge watching our way through a backlog of television.  There is something about skipping commercials, and watching back to back shows over and over with a glass of wine. Hence my new list of binge worthy television.  Except for Archer all of these shows have seasons that have ended so no fear of leaving you hanging, just let the TV continue rolling.

These are my not so current shows that are getting my binge worthy stamp of approval. If you haven’t watched any of these, I would recommend starting tonight!

Sons of AnarchyFollow the super yummy Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam)as tries to change the course of the infamous SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original). Constantly questioning the direction of the club, Jax discovers his father had a very different vision when he founded the club. Jax goes on a personal question to legitimize the club, which has consequences on his relationships with his club, his town and his family.

This show is not for those with weak stomachs, lots of violence and morally questionable decisions, and as the husband and I found out, you will develop a love/hate relationship with each of the character.  Originally on HBO, now you can watch all episodes on Netflix.


Archer: Archer is an animated comedy that revolves around an international spy agency and the lives of its employees. Although their work of espionage, reconnaissance missions, wiretapping and undercover surveillance is daunting and dangerous, every covert operation and global crisis is actually just another excuse for the staff to undermine, sabotage and betray each other for personal gain.

The series features some  well-known voices of H. Jon Benjamin as the highly skilled and incredibly vain master spy “Sterling Archer;” Aisha Tyler as Archer’s fellow agent and on again off again girlfriend, “Lana Kane;” Jessica Walter as Archer’s domineering mother and boss, “Malory Archer;”  If you are easily offended this is not the show for you. You can watch season 8 real-time on FX, or binge watch on Amazon or Netflix.

Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: Thirty something single mom, Lorelai, lives with her daughter Rory in the small town of Stars Hollow. Check out their idealistic life where friends and family members are way too involved in everything. 10 years after the show went off the air, they brought it back for 4 new 90 minute episodes. Beware, they leave you with a major cliff hanger that leads us to believe there will be more. My only issues with the reboot, is the plastic surgery that Lauren Graham had since the original series. She looks like she spent the last 10 years with the Real Housewives TV series versus sleepy Stars Hollow.  This is a great show to binge watch on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the originally Gilmore Girls series, you can find those on Netflix as well.

The League: An ensemble comedy that follows a group of old friends in a fantasy football league who care deeply about one another — so deeply that they use every opportunity to make each other’s lives miserable. The cast is made up of some of your favorite comedy central comedians which are sure to make you laugh. Even if you don’t love fantasy football this show will leave you shaking your heads and wishing you were. Another one to watch on Netflix


Scrubs: In the unreal Sacred Heart Hospital, CathyTinaSamantha, J.D. Dorian, makes his way through the overwhelming world of medicine with the help of his best friends and an arrogant but brilliant doctor as his mentor. If you want a  light-hearted show that makes you smile and laugh, this is it. The perfect way to de-stress after a long day or week, another to watch on Netflix.

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