How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

Let’s start with this, there is no perfect paint color, I don’t believe there is any wrong color for any room. There are colors I like more than others and for different reasons, but if you want your kitchen green and brown go for it (I did!) The first house I bought I used every color in the rainbow, even when people told me I was crazy. But I loved it, and when I was done I actually got a lot of compliments. The first step is just deciding what to do.

I have put together some of my thoughts and tips on picking out the perfect paint color with no stress.

Determine the use of the room and feeling for the room

Okay this may seem silly, a bathroom is a bathroom. However I’m currently redecorating our new house and turning a small bedroom into my office and craft room. I want it to feel cozy, bright and inspiring, my color pallet will be more along the lines of pastels or colors that are brightened by using white undertones. For my fiancé’s office he wants something more masculine, strong and powerful, and he loves the color green so we will be aiming for more of a forest green.

Buy a sample

So it goes against my thrifty nature, but if you are at all unsure or trying to decide between a few colors or different shades, buy a sample and paint portions of your wall. Spending three dollars is well worth the time and money that you would spend to repaint something that you didn’t like. This is especially helpful if you are trying to convince your roommate or fiancé to go along with your decision.

Sample paint in your home

Use the samples to paint squares on different sections of the wall, making sure to paint different areas so that you can see how the color looks in different lighting. If you have different shades of wood or fixtures like a fireplace that will be in the room paint next to those to help you decide if your color looks good with what you already have. Live with the color for a few days to see if you love it or hate it.

Know the sheen

Not Charlie Sheen, paint sheen. If you are painting a bathroom or kitchen your walls may get a beating; pick something a little shiner. They are more durable and cleaning things off your wall is much easier.

Go with your gut

You have to live in the house, so throw out what all the experts say and just do what you love. If you love avocado green, go ahead and paint a wall in your dining room. Which is exactly what I did in my first house. Everyone told me that it was too bold, I would get bored of it and never be able to decorate. Well they were wrong, on all accounts. I combined bright green, dark brown and teal and it was amazing. Sometimes a color speaks to you and you should embrace it.


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