5 Tips to Get Through a Long Flight

Earlier this year the husband and I went on the trip of a lifetime and visited Australia and Fiji for our honeymoon. The trip was amazing everything I could have wanted.  The only downside with our trip was the 16 hour flight to Australia, and the 36 hours of travel that we had to do before we got to our first destination the Whitsunday Islands in northern Australia. Below are  some of our tips for getting through those long flight while maintaining your sanity.This post contains affiliate links, click here to learn more.

Choose Your Seat Early: The earlier you book, the better chance you have of getting your pick of seats. Why is that important and how do you select the right seat for you? If you have a hard time sleeping, opt for a window seat. This means no one will be waking you up to go to the bathroom. It will provide you limited interruptions and gives you the best chance to catch some zzz’s. It is also helpful to get a seat far away from the bathroom, this will limit the distractions of people coming and going, while you try to catch some sleep.

Dress in Layers: The temperature on planes varies and the air can get stale. When I fly, I am constantly turning on the air, or taking layers off. When you are preparing to fly, dress in comfortable clothes, I choose leggings, and a tank top, button up shirt and a scarf. This travel scarf includes a pocket for important documents. Not to mention a really comfortable bra without wires and socks. Dressing like this gives you ample opportunities to take off or add layers to ensure your comfort level. During a long flight the temperature changes when you eat and drink. The air gets stuffy and stale, being able to adjust your clothing during the long flight will keep you comfortable.

Stay Hydrated: This is one that is easier said than done. Every chance you get drink water and keep yourself hydrated. This also means to abstain from drinking alcohol as much as possible. I don’t know about you, but I like a glass or two of wine before I plan to sleep for an extended period of time on a flight. Which means if you are going to have an alcoholic beverage, plan on doubling down on your water intake. Travel Tip: Pack an empty water bottle like this Double Wall Stainless Steel water bottle, and keep it filled during the flight. I have found if I have water on hand I tend to drink more. If it is not available, I make do without.

Headphones (bonus if they are noise canceling): When it comes time to watch movies on your flight, it is always better to have your own headphones, rather than use the ones that the airline provides. For me I just like my own headphones and how they feel. It is also amazing to just put on headphones drown out the noise and take a good nap. The noise canceling headphones are even better for long flights with crying infants. My favorite to pack for a long flight are Bose Noise Canceling Headphones.

Pack Your Carry-on Strategically: Pack a carry-on within your carry-on. If you pack a separate bag inside your carry-on with some essentials. For a really long flight  pack multiple carry-on bags, use these packing cubes to stay organized. This means you can keep most your stuff in the overhead compartment while the essentials can be taken out and stored under your seat or in the back of the chair in front of you. When you get up and stretch replace your current bag with the next one. This can be snacks, magazines, books… anything to keep your space free of clutter and you occupied on the flight.

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  1. I’m flying for the first time since Kindergarten and I am so anxious! That 16-hour flight would have made me go insane I don’t know how you kept yourself busy. I am definitely packing headphones.

  2. Totally agree with your tips. Especially so when we’re traveling with our kids, getting the right seats makes it so much more pleasant. And hydration too. Sometimes people don’t drink enough water because they don’t want to keep getting up to go to the bathroom. But so important to do so though. I understand how you feel with the long flight. We travel back to Singapore to visit family from Houston and the flight is over 20 hours.

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