25 Ways to Show Appreciation on National Spouse’s Day

January 26, 2017 is National Spouse’s Day a day where you are supposed to put in extra effort and make them feel special, small gestures a way to rekindle the romance a bit. Being newly married I am looking for ways that I can show my husband how much I love and appreciate him. Below are 25 great ideas to shower your spouse or significant other with love.

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Ways to show appreciation to your spouse

  1. Breakfast in bed, try French Toast as a quick breakfast
  2. Plan a date night
  3. Set up a game night- just the two of you- 2 person card games
  4. Make their morning coffee or smoothie
  5. Leave your spouse a love note for them to find
  6. Surprise them with their favorite dinner
  7. Make a mix CD or play list
  8. Give them a backrub
  9. Greet him at the door when your spouse gets home, drop everything to make them feel special and kiss them
  10. Surprise him with a small gift
  11. Hold his hands when you watch television
  12. Make a gift basket of his favorite treats and send it to him while he is away on a business trip
  13. Create a Happy Husband Kit– you can download printables here from the dating divas
  14. Go to bed early and cuddle
  15. Give your spouse full control of the remote for a night
  16. Host a bathtub party for two, don’t forget the bath salts
  17. Make a coupon book redeemable a future date of their choosing or buy one here.
  18. Write a love poem or song
  19. Schedule designated make out time
  20. Slow dance to your wedding song in the kitchen
  21. Send random “love texts” throughout the day
  22. Play hooky from work, and spend a day just the two of you
  23. Leave sticky love notes on the bathroom mirror for them to find
  24. Have an indoor picnic on your living room floor or bed
  25. Make some hot cocoa and go on a walk

How do you show appreciation to your spouse or loved one?

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