How to Create a Refurbished Ombré Dresser for a Nursery

I have been dying to share my progress on a refurbished old dresser that I did for a good friend of mine. This refurbished Ombre dresser is going to look perfect in baby V’s nursery and as she grows up. My girlfriend and I have know each other for 20+ years since we were in middle school and she is one of the firsts to be expecting her a child! I fixed up this old dresser to match the nursery and gave it to her at the baby shower! It turned out so amazing! The amazing thing is I found matching night stands and a long version of the dresser in my parents garage! Baby Girl V will have a whole set when she needs it.


  • Two paint colors, for this ombre look I chose Dutchess Lilac and Antique White from Behr at Home Depot.
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint for hardware
  • Silver paint, for the trim details


Step 1 Remove and Clean Hardware.  Remove all the hardware from the dresser, clean in a solution of warm water, vinegar and platinum dawn. This is my great aunts secret recipe and can get even the oldest of grime off anything.

Step 2 Sanded. The dresser needed a good sanding… Which took forever! And being that Minnesota was experiencing its second wave of the polar vortex I needed to take short shift sanding in the garage. I survived without getting frostbite, by 20140127-193631.jpgtaking frequent breaks which included baileys and coffee!

Step 3 Paint. Once the dresser was sanded I painted everything antique white. It is a warmer white that looks modern without looking sterile.

Step 4 Mix Ombre Paint. To get the ombre look I picked out a rich light purple called duchess lilac. This will be the darkest color in the ombre look, Depending on your preference decide if you are going to do either dark on the bottom or dark on top. I liked the dark on bottom look and  painted the bottom drawer the dark duchess lilac.

I took three small Tupperware containers and added about 1 cup of paint in each dish. In the first container I added a little of the antique white. For each of the next two dishes, I added more and more white paint to lighten the paint up. Add white to each container until you like the look of each tone. I liked the smooth transition from dark purple to light purple, so my color changes were gradual. Each drawer took two coats of paint to completely cover.

Step 6 Details. The last step before you assemble and add hardware is any detail painting. Baby V was getting the super special treatment with this one and the dresser was decked out with some silver paint around the trim.

Step 6 Spray Hardware. If you are going to pain the hardware (totally optional), you will want to do that at the end. Make sure you are painting only clean dry pieces. Once everything is dry attach the hardware and assemble the dresser.

Everything turned out amazing, and Baby V’s Mom Loved it!


Custom refurbished ombre dresser for a nursery.

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  1. This is beautiful! I wish I had it when I attempted this when I was pregnant with our first born. Mine ended up as a great big fail. 😛

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