We are officially that house on Halloween

Candy Corn

candy corn, halloweenI have always loved Halloween. Okay I love all holidays but, as an adult, I love watching the little kids show up at my door trick or treating. Trying to explains their costume to me, or telling me about all the candy they got from the house down the street. Then there is the innocent eyes, wide smile that they get when you let them pick out their candy or just give them a handful. Like you just blew their mind! Exactly what this holiday is supposed to be about.

So when our final birth preparation class landed on Halloween I contemplated skipping. The husband and I went back and forth on the topic and we finally prioritized our unborn child over that of the neighbors. Let me tell you it was close one! Last year we only had a dozen or so kids and I bought 5 giant bags of candy. I had no idea what to expect, it was our first Halloween in a new neighborhood. Needless to say, I have been eating leftover Halloween candy for the last year.

I drove home normal time pulling into our neighborhood at 5:15pm, we had to leave at 6pm for our class, just enough time to change, grab something to eat and let the dogs out. Now if you have kids you probably know where this is going. As I drove down my street there must have been 30 little princesses, ninjas and super hero’s running around. These kids were the age that I loved, the under five crowed that carried the plastic pumpkin baskets for candy. They were so excited they were running or rather stumbling between houses tripping over their over-sized misfitting costumes.

pumpkinsThis year as I saw the hordes of children and fear washed over me. I don’t have ANY candy, how am I supposed to get home without everyone knowing. I was planning on being gone before the kids were out. Crap what time does trick or treating start!

I pulled into my garage as discretely as a giant SUV can, closing my garage door immediately and praying no one saw me. I let the dogs out into the backyard so they wouldn’t frighten any kids and then I shut the lights off  and quietly snuck upstairs to change and get ready for class. That’s when the first group arrived at the front door. I am not proud of what happened next but I seriously hid in my bedroom and waited until they all left.  I could hear them, their little faces pressed to the window. “Mom where are they?”

I had to sneak downstairs and let the dogs in at one point, but was able to sneak out of sight as other kids came up the driveway. I felt horrible when group after group of little ones rang the door bell. The dogs barked and jumped at the windows scaring them.

My husband showed up shortly after with a similar look of horror ” should I go get candy real quick?” We had to leave in 30 minutes it made no sense to run to the store quickly for candy. We would be able to maybe hand it out to one group of kids and then have to leave. Sweet gesture but no, we are just going to have to be “that” house this year.

A few minutes later I am getting ready and notice the house is quiet, really quite. No ringing doorbell, no dogs barking… no nothing. With two dogs, the house is never quite. “Did you let the dogs outside?” I asked my husband… he looked at me with a weird look and said “yes”. “Front yard or back yard”, I already knew the answer. My husband put the equivalent of two bears in the front yard to scare small children.

Sasha & PeytonI ran down the stairs to usher our 140 lb Rottweiler, Sasha and 90 lb Egyptian Hound, Peyton into the house. I brought the dogs in and overheard a parents as they ushered their kids away from our house. “Not everyone celebrates Halloween”.

Great so now we really are that house. The one who doesn’t have candy and who puts their two giant dogs out in the front lawn to scare away kids.

Happy Halloween!

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